LoretoBot, a Discord Bot

You may have noticed that development for the Loreto API has halted for a while. This is because I have shifted development to a different, though related, project. The project utililses the discord.py API, a Bot API for the voice + text chat app Discord. This new project allows me to develop the following skills:

  • Webscraping: via the use of the requests library
  • HTML Parsing: with the bs4 (BeautifulSoup) library
  • Web Development: I am using the flask microframework to setup a login page for the Bot, allowing easy command use
  • SQL Commands and Usage: I am utilising the sqlite3 python module to store Discord IDs, usernames and passwords
  • Linux Terminal and SSH skills: I am using SSH with the RPi3 to write my scripts, and the entire system will be run on the Pi itself
  • HTTP/1.0, including GET and POST requests
  • Advanced Python, such as Asynchronous I/O, coroutines and inherited classes

The GitHub repo is available at my pages site: anonguy.github.io/loretobot.
Stay Tuned™

Written on January 10, 2018