LoretoBot, a Discord Bot

You may have noticed that development for the Loreto API has halted for a while. This is because I have shifted development to a different, though related, project. The project utililses the discord.py API, a Bot API for the voice + text chat app Discord. This new project allows me to develop the following skills:

  • Webscraping: via the use of the requests library
  • HTML Parsing: with the bs4 (BeautifulSoup) library
  • Web Development: I am using the flask microframework to setup a login page for the Bot, allowing easy command use
  • SQL Commands and Usage: I am utilising the sqlite3 python module to store Discord IDs, usernames and passwords
  • Linux Terminal and SSH skills: I am using SSH with the RPi3 to write my scripts, and the entire system will be run on the Pi itself
  • HTTP/1.0, including GET and POST requests
  • Advanced Python, such as Asynchronous I/O, coroutines and inherited classes

The GitHub repo is available at my pages site: anonguy.github.io/loretobot.
Stay Tuned™

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Loreto API

I’ve started work on a project that I call “Loreto.py”. It acts as a Pythonic API/wrapper for my college website subdomains, using my skills at webscraping and the requests module. This means that I can acess my timetable, grades, avatar (decoded from base64) as well as upload and download files to my college network. You can view the repo and download the current release at my github pages site: anonguy.github.io/loreto.py

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Codewars is a site dedicated to user-produced programming challenges. I’ve had a Codewars profile for a while now, so I’ve decided to add a live badge to the site:


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